The months of October and November, 2021 were filled with a fresh aura as we launched our all-new Movit Family Soap to the Ugandan market. Because a grand launch is incomplete without an internal launch, the product was first unveiled before the Movit Products staff in October.

The new addition to the Movit brand family was later unveiled to the external audiences through a colourful engagement held at the Movit Products conference hall in November 2021.

Movit Products Group Chief Executive Officer, Dr Bruce Mpamizo, and Movit Products Managing Director, Mr James Bisase Segawa officiated at the launch.

The Movit Family Soap pack is available in four unique scents and colours including Aloe Vera, Rose, Lemon, and Coconut all curated to meet the “All Day Confidence” needs of customers.

The launch was capped by the unveiling of the Movit Family Soap macro-influencers that include, media personality, Faridah Nakazibwe, movie actress and producer Eleanor Nabwiso, actress Leila Kachapizo who is also the main lead feature in the Movit Family Soap TV commercial.