Our Awards and Recognition

Here at Movit Products Ltd, We are Proud of Where We Came From and Where We are Headed. We pride ourselves on our annual growth and ability to make our company a great partner to our customers and a second home to our employees. Below are some of our awards and recognition. We look forward to continuing to build on this list as we develop new ways to make our customers and employees more delighted than ever.

2018 – 2020

  • Uganda National Bureau of Standards Overall Quality Standards Award
  • People`s Choice Awards
  • Consumer Preference Awards
  • Presidential export Awards
  • Kampala City Traders Association (KACITA) Quality Awards,
  • Digital Impact Awards Africa
  • Uganda Manufacturers Association International Exhibition Overall Exhibitor Awards
  • Rwanda International Exhibitor Awards
  • Mwanza International Exhibitor Awards
  • Nairobi International Exhibitor Award among others.
  • Best Employer Brand Awards


  • UMA Best First Moving Consumer goods Exhibitor
  • Rwanda International Trade Fair Expo
  • UMA Best Cosmetics Pro-chemical products Exhibitor (UITF)
  • UNBS Quality award of Excellence (Overall Winner)

2016 & 2015

  • UNBS Award 2016
  • UGITF 2016 Award—Overall- Exhibitor
  • People`s Choice Award-2015


  • Uganda’s Top Brands Award—2014
  • Gold Quality Award—2014
  • Movit UGITF Award—2014
  • KACITA Best Personal Care Products Award—Award


  • Rwanda Expo Award 2012
  • UGITF Award—2013